Demo 2016

by Neutral Territory

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released February 4, 2016

Recorded & Mixed by Charles Chaussinand with help from Robert Cheeseman at No Control Studios, Allston, MA January 2016



all rights reserved


Neutral Territory Boston, Massachusetts

Tim O'Brien - Guitar
Andrew Frongillo - Vocals
Joe "Guido" Conary - Bass
Marc Blanchett - Drums

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Track Name: Repetition
You can’t have everything your way “Repetition” seems to be your calling card, your middle name, the attitude is getting lame
(Repeating! Repeating!)
A rut is where you seem to be stuck, can’t move your legs freely always down and blowing steam(Repeating! Repeating!)
Wish you’d open nice and wide, regain your strength, retain some pride. Instead you choose only the lie.There is a lesson to be learned if you don’t pay attention, it’s you who will be burned. Every day it’s all the same, bitch and moan, cry & complain, seems you’re stuck in Groundhog Day the attitude is getting lame. Please, get your things, be on your way, I know we’ll hear it another day. Repetition, Repetition. Just shut the fuck up and please stop
Track Name: A Mile Wide
Struck down like a rock right between the eyes. Held down under water even though I did fight. You took me by surprise, I looked a mile wide and I never saw you coming, I looked a mile wide, and after all that we’ve been through, sometimes I can’t believe we made it. Through the rough starts and psychologists, breaking up and make up sex, moving in and engagements, marriages and having kids, no I don’t want to forget any of it, not a single moment.You are my heart. You are my soul. This life we've built, more valuable then a pot of gold.The world can go burn as long as I turn to see you standing by my side and I’ll die happy.
Track Name: Scratch the Itch
It’s been too long, I’ve been away, this gnawing feeling won’t go away, no matter how hard I try not to “scratch the itch”. When morning comes and I awake, it’s in my head, it’s here to stay, I can’t deny what comes to me so naturally.However hard I try to escape, the melody always finds a way to entrap my brain, hold me down till I give way, and all those times you told me were a waste, it seems I really found who I was supposed to be, and all the people I hold dear.I got a song, that I must sing, it doesn't mean a lot to you but it means the world to me. It's pretty short, with a catchy melody, it's doesn't mean a lot to me but it means the world to me.If it’s in your heart or inside your soul (Let it out, let it out, may this song be the spark) I still believe in never growing old (Let it out, let it out, may this song be the spark) If you’re lost, not found, still losing ground (let it out, let it out, may this song be the spark) I still believe in the power of words (let it out, let it out, may this song be the spark)